AQ. Ready- to-use coolant replenisher LLC 0.5L Blue


[New release]
AUTOBACS original coolant “AQ.
Quality coolant series” that can be used as is Coolant replenisher

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Only from VIRON AUTOBACS – Minuwangoda.
HOTLINE : +(94) 11 599 1599

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Description of item

  • Since it is a straight type (50% diluted), it can be used without any hassle.


  • Contents: 0.5L
  • Color: Blue
  • Freezing temperature: -36 ℃
  • Long life type


* The image is slightly different from the actual color for the image.

[About used coolant]

  • Coolant is a flammable hazardous material that falls under the Fire Service Law and falls under the category of Class 3 petroleum products. It contains substances that are harmful to the human body.
  • When discarded, please request disposal at a nearby disposable store such as an AUTOBACS store, a car dealer, or a gas station. Or, please dispose according to the instructions of each local government (if you pay, you will be responsible for it)


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