AQ Three-dimensional Vehicle interior front carpet Gray color Medium


Front Carpet for compatible vehicles.
Medium size – Gray color – Front use

Only from VIRON AUTOBACS – Minuwangoda

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Description of item

  • not escape the sand and dust in the three-dimensional shape, the driver and front passenger, light vehicle rear seat also serves as the mat
  • because carpet type match any interior back hard to
  • deviation special processing
  • wide range of fold lines filled to fit the model


  • Color: Gray
  • Size (approx.): 44 × 48cm
  • Material/ surface, back: Polyester
  • Core: Foamed polyethylene
  • SS size for front seats / S size for rear seats
  • Quantity: 1
  • In the driver’s seat Use a mat hook (optional) when using.


  • <Representative compatible models>
  • [SS size for front seat] -Nissan
  • Days Days Rooks B21 system-Honda N BOX / N BOX slash JF system / N ONEJG system / N WGNJH system / Fit GE system, GK system/ Mitsubishi ekspace B11 System / ek wagon H82 system, B11 system
  • [S size for rear seat]
  • Toyota PIXIS MEGA 700 series / PIXIS Space
  • Nissan Days Days Lukes B21 system / NV100 Clipper Rio
  • Honda N BOX / N BOX slash JF system / NONEJG system / N WGNJH system / Vamos Mazda Flare MH34 system / flare wagon MM32 system / flare crossover MS31 system / MITSUBISHI ekspace B11 system / ek wagon H82 system, B11 system / town box
  • Subaru Stella LA100 system, LA150 system, Suzuki Every Wagon DA64 series, DA17 series / Spacia MK32 series / Hustler MR31, 41 series / Wagon RMH22 series, MH23 series, MH34 series
  • Daihatsu Wake LA700 Series / Cast LA250 series / Tant L375 series, LA600 series / Miraise LA300 series / Miracocoa L675 series / Move L175 series, LA100 series, LA150 series / Move Conte
    * The above are representative compatible models. Even the listed models may not be able to be installed depending on the model year and grade.
    * When purchasing, please make sure your car is compatible.


* Images are for illustration purposes and may differ slightly from actual products.

  • [Notes on using floor mats]
    * Check the shape of the pedals.
    * Do not use it on organ type cars where the accelerator pedal is supported from the floor.
    * Choose a mat that matches your car.
    * If you use a floor mat whose size and shape do not fit the car, the accelerator pedal may be caught and dangerous.
    * Install it so that it does not shift during operation. Driving in a deviated state is dangerous because the accelerator pedal may get stuck.
    * Make sure that it does not interfere with the accelerator pedal.

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