AQ. Water absorption cham M CM02


Fine pores of self-absorbing PVA sponge, which not only absorbs water but also retains moisture well for effective work.

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Description of item

  • This product uses PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) sponge with self-absorbing power.
  • We hold absorbed water well and remove water drops with very little wiping.
  • The squeeze filled with water is squeezed to restore water absorption.
  • Smooth wiping can be done with low resistance by embossing the surface.
    -It is a wet type that is easy to adjust to water.
    -Special three-layer structure for excellent durability.


  • Product size: about 430 × 320mm
  • Composition: PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) sponge
  • Color: Water blue
  • One piece


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