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Body wax in shampoo

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Only from VIRON AUTOBACS – Minuwangoda.
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Description of item

  • It is a car shampoo that does not contain abrasives and does not hurt the car with creamy foam.
  • Regular type can be refreshed while washing the car with the refreshing scent of mint.
  • The wax-in type provides a strong water-repellent coating effect while washing the car.
  • AQ.THE Shampoo Wax-in is a creamy foam that does not contain abrasives, which provides a co-water-repellent effect while washing the car, and is suitable for maintenance of water-repellent type coated vehicles, and can be recommended to a wide range of customers.


  • Contents: 1000ml
  • Usage fee: 10 small and medium-sized cars


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